5 Best Smartphones For Audiophiles


 5 Best Smartphones For Audiophiles

Aside from their ability to run games and other productivity apps, smartphones are now go-to gadgets to listen to music on the go. The launch of online music streaming apps such as Spotify and Tidal, further strengthens the enthusiasm of people to use their mobile devices to listen to music. In fact, 52% of audiophiles have shifted to mobile from PC and dedicated devices due to the launch of music streaming platforms.

However, not all mobile devices are the same. O2 even showed that they come in different shape, sizes, and features. While others are better at processing requests through their powerful storage systems and processors, others specialise in audio, display or battery power. In short, if you are considering getting a mobile for its music listening capabilities, then it’s important you do your research beforehand. There are specific handsets on the market with impressive audio features. Read on below for our list of the 5 Best Smartphones for Audiophiles.


LG V20

A smartphone built for power users, the recently launched V20 by LG is widely known for its audio features. First, it boasts top-notch music playback that is bundled with new recording features. As the V10’s successor, it comes with the latest ES9218 DAC that has a parallel sub-DAC configuration to enhance its noise performance and harmonic distortion. Its chip comes with a dedicated headphone amp with a high 2Vrms output, and who can forget its 75-stage analog volume control with left/right channel balancing control?


Marshall London

Known for building impressive sound equipment, Marshall released a handset with fantastic audio quality. It takes its performance from two separate audio processors, its built-in global graphic equalizer, and ultra-loud front speakers. The handset also comes with the ability to play FLAC uncompressed audio files. While it offers an impressive music experience, its expensive price and sub-standard screen and camera makes it a very disappointing device. “The Marshall London looks fantastic, and its musical ability lives up to expectations, but it’s a terrible mediocre overpriced smartphone,” stated Digital Trends.


HTC 10

Compared to its other popular competitors (Apple and Samsung), HTC is known for producing impressive audio-focused handsets, since the arrival of its One-series flagships. Their HTC 10 model is a great example of how well they aim to provide powerful handsets with reliable sound quality. Its new speaker setups work with a woofer and tweeter, which come with their own amp to reproduce more accurate sound across a range of frequencies. The HTC also comes with a certified high-resolution audio processing system with high-precision DAC that makes the headphone’s sound quality crisp and clear.


Vivo V3Max

Vivo has unveiled their latest flagship with high performance audio output. The V3Max is equipped with the VIVO A4375 Hi-Fi chipset that produces HD and crisp audio quality for sound and video playback. Compared to other mid-range smartphones, it offers a superior audio experience, particularly its external side-firing speaker that comes with loud volume and low distortion. It is by far one of the highest quality speakers available in its price range.

sony phone

Sony Xperia Z3

Among the Xperia models, the Z3 is the most ideal Sony handset for audiophiles. It comes with a dedicated Walkman app and “xcloud” technology that prevents any crackling even through its loudspeakers. Sony also loaded it with the 3D Surround Sound Technology, Clear Audio+, xLoud Experience, High-resolution Audio, and Digital Sound Enhancement Engine. The Japan-based company still continues its tech legacy by producing powerful devices with great sound enhancement. If you already have a smartphone and want to boost its sound output, you can get a reliable smart audio accessory (waterproof and wireless) to further improve its sound quality. Otherwise, the aforementioned devices will be a great guide in choosing the best music-focused smartphone on the market today. Save Save Save Save

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