3 Bluetooth Connectivity Issues: How To Avoid Bluetooth Audio Stuttering

Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Bluetooth Connectivity Issues: How To Avoid Bluetooth Audio Stuttering

If you’ve ever owned a pair of wireless earbuds, you’ll likely have come across a Bluetooth connectivity problem commonly known as Bluetooth audio stuttering. Have you ever had your music drop off and on creating a stutter sound? That’s Bluetooth audio stuttering, and it’s more common than you think. It can be frustrating dealing with Bluetooth connectivity issues on a brand new pair of earbuds, especially an expensive set. But before you get angry and start laying blame on your earbuds, you may want to do some investigating first. There are several factors that affect how Bluetooth devices work and how strong or weak their connection is. Luckily, most are an easy fix, so you can get the best sound and connection from your earbuds. So, don’t throw those earbuds away – it might not be their fault!

What Causes Bluetooth Audio Stuttering And Other Connectivity Issues, And How Can We Fix Them?

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Interference And Traffic

Have you ever travelled into a busy city and suddenly started experiencing Bluetooth connectivity problems? Maybe you’ve sat down on a packed tube ride and noticed Bluetooth audio stuttering? Well, you’re not going crazy – these areas are hotspots for Bluetooth issues! All wireless devices take up space on frequencies. Both Bluetooth and wifi devices share the same 2.4 GHz-2.5Ghz wavelengths. So things like wifi routers, wireless earbuds, smart house systems and even baby monitors all share the same airwaves. When you’re in a built-up city or a packed train or bus, your wireless earbuds are more likely to compete for the local frequency space available, as there will be lots of other devices around you trying to use up that space, too. This is why you might experience more Bluetooth audio stuttering in big city centres and packed areas.

The Solution

Unfortunately, traffic on the frequency you want to use can’t really be helped. The best solution would be to avoid busy areas and places with high wifi usage, as wifi is the biggest interference cause for Bluetooth connectivity issues. You can also do your bit to lessen the frequency of traffic, too. If you have any other Bluetooth devices, remove the connections you aren’t using. Removing these connections will free up some space on the available frequencies, so you should see an improvement in your earbuds.

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Low Battery

If you’ve been using wireless earbuds for a while, you might have noticed the correlation between battery and poor audio. When the charge on your earbuds starts to deplete, Bluetooth audio stutters and even complete connection drops can occur. As the battery power gets low, the Bluetooth connection stops working. Connection issues start off with the occasional Bluetooth audio stuttering, and as the battery levels lower, the stutters will increase. If you let your battery run increasing low, you could end up completely losing Bluetooth connection.

The Solution

This one’s a simple fix, assuming your battery is working fine. To avoid any Bluetooth connection problems and keep your audio in tip-top condition, it’s best to keep your earbuds battery levels high. Now that doesn’t mean you have to constantly keep your earbuds on charge, so don’t worry. If you keep your battery levels above a quarter charge, you should be fine. If your battery can’t seem to keep its charge, you may want to get a new battery or purchase new earbuds altogether. It’s important that you test out our earbuds connectivity issues relating to battery levels before making any decisions, as your audio stutters could be caused by something else. If your Bluetooth connectivity issues persist when your earbuds have a full charge, try our other suggestions.

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Audio Source Distance And Blockages

Bluetooth technology works by transmitting data using short-wavelength radio waves over a short physical distance. When you pair your earbuds via Bluetooth to another device, you have to stay within that distance. Some manufacturers will state the Bluetooth range on their packaging, so you could check the specs of your earbuds. The typical distance for Bluetooth connectivity is around 4-5 feet from the source device, so if you’re noticing Bluetooth audio stutters and connection issues make sure your source device is close by. And it’s not just distance that can compromise your Bluetooth connection, physical items can block the signals, too. If you’ve ever noticed Bluetooth audio stutters after putting your source device in your pocket, it’s due to a physical block. Bluetooth radio waves travel poorly in water, concrete, and metal matter. Did you know your body is over 70% water? So if you put your phone in your left pocket and an earbud in your right ear, it’s very possible that your body’s water content could be causing your Bluetooth connectivity problems. It’s the same with concrete and metal; if you keep your source device within range, but you have any concrete or metal items in between them, you could get audio issues.

The Solution

The best way to avoid these issues is to keep your source device as close as possible to your earbuds. The closer the devices are, the better the connection will be. If you can, avoid putting physical blockages between the devices, too. You can still pop your phone in your pocket and use your earbuds, but if you start noticing Bluetooth audio stutters, a simple change of your phone’s position could fix your issues. Now that you know some of the main ways audio stutters and other Bluetooth connectivity issues can arise and how to avoid them, you’ll hopefully see an improvement in your earbuds! If none of the tips above fixes your connection issues, your earbuds could be at fault. Be sure to contact the maker of your earbuds for specific troubleshooting advice – your earbuds may just need a simple reset, so it’s always worth trying all possible options first.

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