Discovering Monaco Through Its Casinos


Discovering Monaco Through Its Casinos

Discovering Monaco Through Its Casinos

We previously covered some of the best travel destinations in Europe which may have left you with a sense of wanderlust and a thirst for more. With the warm weather fast approaching, it may be time to shift the focus to one of the best summer destinations Europe has to offer. Monaco is one of the world’s most luxurious travel destinations located in the French Riviera. This city-state is known for its picturesque sights and beaches, Grand Prix, and gaming paradise in Monte Carlo.

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Historical Roots

While you can spend your days lounging by the beach, going for a spin in a rented sports car or yacht, or sipping drinks in the cafés by the docks – day or night – visiting a casino must be on your agenda. Monaco is the pinnacle of luxury travel and glamour, home to millionaires and royals. Monte Carlo, which is one of the four sections of Monaco, is the name most often associated with casinos in the area. The history of casinos here traces back to 1856 when Prince Charles III of Monaco permitted a joint-stock company to build a casino.  It was established five years later and Prince Charles deemed the district surrounding it as Monte Carlo. As a means of livening up the economy, Monte Carlo became a playground for the rich and famous, housing an opera house, sporting club, and five-star hotels.

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Keeping Up

Monaco’s casinos have an unparalleled old-world charm and luxury, which continues to draw in tourists while also leaving some wondering if the trip is truly worth it. Modern developments have resulted in the proliferation of online casinos, which are novel and attractive due to their convenience and perks. And despite the glamour of Monaco’s casinos, even they are struggling to match the offers available to new players online nowadays. For instance, online provider Gala Spins offers welcome bonuses of up to £20 with 30 free spins to appeal to players across a wide variety of games.

This not only takes advantage of the fact that online gaming is much easier to get involved in, but also that it is a much faster way to ensure that the player is successful. While casinos in Monaco are unable to offer similar promotions, they are constantly trying to reinvent themselves to market to younger crowds with art installations, trendy restaurants, and bars. They have been successful so far, with tourism remaining one of the main contributors to Monaco’s economy.

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A Modern Appeal

The advent of online forms of gaming actually ends up complementing traditional casinos as this healthy competition brings about fresh innovations. For a more laidback vibe, Sun Casino has a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere that transforms into a lively party spot with international DJs come night-time. The Monte Carlo Bay Casino hosts more modern facilities and a complimentary hotel and resort. You will get a glimpse into the glitz and class of Monaco’s casino scene through the legendary Casino Café de Paris and Casino de Monte-Carlo. These casinos have become institutions that have made Monaco what it is today; still housed in their original ornate foundations but now with gourmet restaurants and terraces for drinking and Instagramming. Hints of modernity are found here and there, and the Casino de Monte-Carlo has even become an important part of pop culture as it was the setting of several James Bond movies. Whether you want to follow in 007’s footsteps or simply want to experience Monaco’s sophistication first-hand, you can soon find yourself rubbing elbows with the high rollers. Get your tuxedo or cocktail dress dusted and pressed and have your passport at the ready. Your Monaco adventure awaits.

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