Gift Guide: Mother’s Day Tech Gifts For Tech-Savvy Mums!

mothers day

mothers day

Gift Guide: Mother’s Day Tech Gifts For Tech-Savvy Mums!

We’re sick of the bouquets and selection boxes, and we bet your mum is, too! It’s time to switch things up – with a Mother’s Day tech gift. Whether your mum is completely baffled by the latest technology or she’s as tech-savvy as they come, there’s something in our gift guide for every kind of mum! So put that perfume down, back away from the jewellery store, and stop looking at those scented candles. It’s time to bring your mum into the year 2020! Here are our top picks for Mother’s day tech gifts:

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Casetify Personalised Phone Case

Price – From £20 + If your mum isn’t the best when it comes to new technology, stick to what she knows by personalising the tech that she’s got! You can make a personalised case for your mum’s smartphone, MacBook or iPad starting from just £20 at Casetify. Pick from different styles and designs of cases, then choose your favourite picture or make a collage! Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a collage of family photos!

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SOI Handbag Light And Charger

Price – $35/£27 Perfect for any tech newbie, the SOI portable light and charger is a thoughtful and surprisingly convenient Mother’s Day tech gift. If your mum happens to have a handbag similar to Mary Poppins, then she’ll definitely benefit from this. Endlessly rooting in their handbag is the last thing any mum wants to do, especially if it’s dark; couple that with a dead phone, and you’ve got one fed-up mum. To save the hours of blind bag searching, this portable little light can be placed in your mum’s bag, helping her find her keys and stay stress-free!

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Bellabeat Leaf Wellness Tracker

Price – £65 The Bellabeat Leaf wellness tracker is a stylish and simplified alternative to a smartwatch. Not only does the Bellabeat leaf look stunning, but it also tracks lifestyle habits, lets you set personal goals, and monitors your health. Its no screen or buttons design makes it super simple to use. The Leaf tracks sleep, heart rate, stress and reproductive health, and can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or clip. This beautifully designed smart piece of jewellery makes a great Mother’s Day tech gift!

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HP Sprocket

Price – £70 They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not give your mum a HP Sprocket? This amazingly simple and portable printer would make a great Mother’s Day tech gift! Rather than buying a bulky printer for printing photos, the HP Sprocket is compact and designed to print photos straight from your phone. The HP Sprocket uses new inkless technology and lets you customise your photos with banners and emojis. With a print size similar to that of a polaroid camera, your mum will have the house filled with selfies and family photos in no time!

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Mymanu CLIK S Smart Earbuds

Price – £120 The Mymanu CLIK S are a great all-rounder pair of wireless earbuds. Perfect for music lovers, gym freaks and fond travellers, these earbuds are capable of so many amazing things! Sweatproof and waterproof, you can sweat it up in the gym or go outdoors in all weather without fear of damaging the earbuds. With amazing HD sound quality and over 30 hours of battery life, your mum can enjoy her favourite music for even longer. If that wasn’t enough, the earbuds have built-in instant translation, with the ability to translate over 37 languages in real-time speed! The earbuds have touch-buttons, making them an easy-to-use Mother’s Day tech gift!



Price – €259/£215 Perfect for mums that like to look and feel good, the HiMirror will analyse your skin to help you improve your skincare and health! The HiMirror comes equipped with vanity-style lights and a stylus. The mirror uses photo analysis to target skin problems and even gives you product recommendations. The smart mirror has different lighting settings, so your mum can make sure her makeup looks great in all kinds of lighting. The HiMirror also lets you try on different makeup styles to see how they would look on your face. As far as Mother’s Day tech gifts go, this one definitely tops the list!

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