How AI Translation Devices Are Helping Travellers Around The World

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How AI Translation Devices Are Helping Travellers Around The World

Travelling is one of the many joys of life. Whether you enjoy a simple beach holiday or you prefer to get stuck into the culture of your destination, there is always one drawback of travelling the world – language barriers. Unless you have superb language skills or limit yourself to countries that speak your language, you’re bound to hit a language barrier. Thankfully, AI translation devices are the new up-and-coming tool equipping travellers on their upcoming summer plans. These simple devices can remove language barriers and help individuals have a stress-free, fun trip wherever they go. Here’s how AI translation devices are helping travellers his summer!

AI translation devices can encourage travel

Reduces Nervousness And Encourages Travel

The stress of travelling to a country that doesn’t speak your language can be a defining factor when it comes to choosing where to go and what service to use. A survey carried out by found that 10% of UK adults (approximately 5 million individuals) admit that language barriers prevent them from travelling abroad. For those that take the plunge and do travel abroad, finding a service that accommodates your language can be a huge benefit and can potentially encourage those who are nervous to travel more. Even some hospitality and travel businesses use these translation tools, too, as they know it leads to a better experience for the traveller!

For example, if a British traveller knows that a certain resort in France has the AI translation devices necessary to help English-speaking individuals, they’re more likely going to book with that resort rather than one that has no means of communicating with English-speaking guests. Alternatively, if an individual has access to good AI translation devices, there will be less stress and anxiety around travelling as there won’t be any language barriers to overcome. In turn, this gives individuals the chance to explore more places and the ability to book resorts and airlines that they previously avoided due to language barriers.

AI translation helping travellers around airport

Provides A Better Travel Experience

For individuals looking to travel, using AI translation devices is guaranteed to make the process and experience a lot smoother and more enjoyable. When at an airport for example, you want to find your check in desk as quickly as possible and make your way through security to your terminal with minimal hiccups. If you’re in a country that doesn’t speak your language and you have no language skillset or translation aids, you’re relying on others to accommodate your language – something that can’t be guaranteed, especially for those that don’t speak universal English.

While businesses within the travel industry do try to hire multilingual employees, it’s impossible to accommodate the hundreds of languages that are currently spoken throughout the world. Taking action and equipping yourself with AI translation devices will guarantee you a smooth exchange between yourself and whoever you meet along your travels, so you’re more than likely going to have a better travel experience with this tool at hand.

group of tourists looking at map

You Can Discover Hidden Gems

When travellers visit a new place, they often want to find the hidden gems that are off the beaten path. However, this can be difficult if they don’t speak the local language. AI translation devices can help travellers overcome this barrier by providing instant translations whenever you need them. Using translation aids like AI translation devices, you’re immediately opening yourself up for more potential conversations with more individuals. The more people you run into and chat with, the more information you pick up along the way, including local hidden gems and sights to see.

While many travellers enjoy visiting well known tourist hotspots and attractions, there’s just something exciting about discovering hidden gems on your trip. Whether you choose to speak with locals for an inside opinion or you ask fellow travellers for their itinerary, you’ll more than likely be given some great places to explore that weren’t on your list! If you’re a traveller that prefers to dodge tourist traps and explore off the beaten path, AI translation devices can give you the communication abilities you’ll need for your trip!

AI translation devices

Saves You Money

With the ability to speak to more people, you immediately have the upper hand when it comes to finding bargains or cheap deals. Most travellers know the feeling of being ripped off by a taxi driver or shopkeeper. It’s an unfortunate reality of travelling in unfamiliar territory – without knowing the local language, it can be hard to know if you’re getting a good deal. Some businesses are known for hiking up their prices for tourists, in fact, this is common practice in many places like Belgium, Italy, and India. Some businesses welcome travellers by using AI translation tools themselves, these few businesses are ones fellow travellers can trust for a good deal and transparent rates.

It’s well known that certain businesses will try to squeeze more money out of tourists, for example, taxi drivers may up their fair if they suspect their customer is a tourist. This is a disadvantage to travel that you can avoid thanks to translation aids. By using a translation app or device, travellers can quickly get an accurate sense of prices and avoid being overcharged. Even if you don’t speak the local language fluently, you can use AI translation tools to haggle for better prices on souvenirs and other items. In addition, many AI translation tools are free or low-cost, making them a great way for travellers to save money.

AI translation devices can help you make friends

Helps You Make New Friends

AI translation devices can be a great asset for travellers looking to make new friends on their trips. If you’re travelling to a country where you don’t speak the language, an AI translation device can be a big help in communicating with locals. Even if you know some of the basics of the language, having a device that can quickly and easily translate back and forth can make conversations much smoother. Being able to start up these conversations and build new friendships can help you to feel more comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings.

AI translation devices can also be helpful when meeting other travellers. If you’re staying in a hostel or meet someone from another country who speaks a different language, these devices can come in handy for chatting and getting to know one another. Making friends is a huge part of travelling, especially for those who solo travel. When you have someone to talk to, you can learn about the local culture and customs, and get tips on things to see and do. You may even find yourself able to try new experiences that you wouldn’t have attempted on your own! Most importantly, you’ll be able to connect with people you otherwise couldn’t before, and enjoy your time making new precious memories. Ultimately, AI translation devices make travel more enjoyable and rewarding by opening up connection.


While you can navigate your travels without this handy tool, it’s clear that AI translation devices can aid travellers through their trip. From translation apps to translation headsets, there are many translation tools available for those looking to experience better travelling. Would you try AI translation devices on your next trip abroad? Let us know in the comments!

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