How High Quality Sound Can Improve The Customer Experience

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How High Quality Sound Can Improve The Customer Experience

How High Quality Sound Can Improve The Customer Experience

From playing music at an outdoor event through to immersing viewers in a cinema experience, the audio you use has an influential impact on the audience. As a result, the quality of the sound that you’re using is an impact factor when you want to build a customer experience that will be remembered for all the right reasons. When it comes to video clips, it’s often the picture quality that people with little technical knowledge think is the most important, but the audio is vital. Sound helps convey messages, portray emotions, engage audiences and so much more. The right sounds can help you have a bigger impact. However, on the flip side, poor sound quality can have a disastrous effect, suggesting a lack or professionalism, annoying customers, and meaning your message misses the mark. How does high quality sound affect the customer experience?

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It Allows Them To Focus

Quality sound remove distractions, allowing customers to really focus on what’s being said. In contrast, poor quality sound experiences can mean customers focus on the distortions and distractions, hampering their experience whether they’re trying to listen to music or follow a movie.

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It Pulls Them Into Your Message

From visiting the cinema to relaxing with an audiobook, sounds should immerse your audience, pulling them into the story that you’re telling. It results in a complete experience for your customers and benefits you as a business.

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It Can Transport Them

Sounds are linked to feelings, memories, and more. Using audio that sounds realistic can transport customers to further enhance their experience, whether it’s the gentle sounds of the beach or a roaring plane engine.

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It Complements Other Media Elements

If your sound quality is poor is can negatively affect other media that you’re using, for example, video, resulting in an overall ineffective experience even when you’re invested numerous resources.

Creating high quality sound that will improve the customer experience compromises of two core areas. The first is to make sure the recording itself is of a high standard, with distractions and background noise removed, while the audio you want to focus on should be clear, whether this achieved when recording or later during the editing process. What the sound is played on is the next step. You want your audience to be able to experience the sound as though it were happening around them, that requires speakers that can handle depth and direction well.

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