How To Choose The Best Ear Tips For Earphones

how to choose the best ear tips for earphones

How To Choose The Best Ear Tips For Earphones

So, you’ve just gotten yourself a brand new pair of earphones – how exciting! You hurryingly rip open your box and out pours a mass of ear tips. And now the confusion starts to sink in. How on earth are you supposed to know which ear tip to choose? If you’re always baffled by the array of ear tips for earphones, and never quite know what each kind is for, this is the blog for you! We’ll be walking you through how to choose your sizing, shape, and material. Here’s how you can choose the best ear tips for your earphones!

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When you purchase a new set of wireless earbuds, you usually get a selection of ear tips to choose from. Most of the time, the ear tips are the same type, just different in size. But how do you know which size is right for your ears? The best way to choose the right-sized ear tips for your earphones is by trial and error. Test out each size in both ears and see which one provides the best seal and comfort. Ear tip sizes are not universal. Don’t expect to be a size medium with your CLIK S earbuds if you’re a size medium with another brand – unfortunately, ear tips don’t work like that.

Also note that your ear canals don’t have to match in size and shape, so your ear tips might be different sizes for each ear. The main takeaway here is to find an ear tip size that seals your ear well for the best possible sound quality and fit, while still being comfortable to wear. If your ear tip is too small, you won’t hear the full potential of your wireless earphones. If your ear tips are too large, you may get the right seal, but you might also start to feel some pain or discomfort. Using ear tips that are too large for your ear can cause ear fatigue after 15 or so minutes of use, so be careful!

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What Material Is Best?

There are two main types of ear tip material to choose from: silicone and foam. As for which one is best – that’s down to personal preference. Here are some pros and cons for each material:


Silicone ear tips for earphones are very common. They’re easily washable and can fit comfortably in most ear canals. Silicone ear tips last a very long time, as they keep their shape even through multiple uses. Silicone is mainly used over foam as it’s more durable and affordable. However, this doesn’t mean it’s the better choice. If you struggle with standard shaped ear tips, you might prefer foam ear tips instead, as silicone doesn’t mould to your ear shape. The better the mould of the ear tip, the better the seal and sound quality. If you’re looking for durability, easy cleaning, and you don’t have trouble with standard ear tip sizing, silicone is a great choice.


The other common ear tip material is foam. This type of ear tip for earphones can isolate sound well, which could improve sound quality. The selling point for foam ear tips is the soft, moldable material. The foam will contort to the shape of your ear canal, so you get the best seal possible. It’s recommended that you replace your foam ear tips every few months if you use them daily. Constant use will affect the springiness of the foam, so you’ll want to get some fresh ones to keep that good seal. If you have smaller ear canals or ones that don’t conform to the standard round shape, foam tips will be best for you.

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Does Shape Matter?

When on the hunt for the best type of ear tips for your earphones, the shape will matter. Foam ear tips don’t really vary in shape as they are moldable. You might find different lengths of foam ear tips, but that’s all. Long ear tips should be worn by those with long ear canals, and vice versa for short ear tips. If you have short ear canals and you try using a long ear tip, you could end up in quite a bit of pain. As for silicone ear tips for earphones, there are a few different shapes to look at. You’ll notice each different shape by the number of flanges on the ear tips.  Here are the three main silicone ear tip shapes and what they do:

Single Flange Ear Tips

These are ear tips made from one piece of silicone. Foam tips only ever come in a single flange form, but silicone can come in any of the three shapes. The single flange ear tip is the most common ear tip shape as it works well will most wireless earbuds.

Double Flange Ear Tips

A double flange ear tip looks like a small single flange ear tip placed on top of a large single flange ear tip. The extra flanges help to provide a better seal than single flange ear tips. Although these are not as widely used, they are better for noise isolation and can improve sound quality. Since these ear tips aren’t as widely used, there aren’t as many sizes available.

Triple Flange Ear Tips

Now imagine three single flange ear tips in a pile ranging from large to small – this is what a triple flange ear tip is. The shape resembles that of a Christmas tree. The extra flange further enhances bass response and noise cancellation. The three flanges make the ear tip longer than the standard single flange, so they won’t be suitable for those with short ear canals.

Mymanu offers a range of premium silicone ear tips enclosed in every CLIK S box. Our ear tips are all made from the highest quality silicone material and come in four sizes, so you can find the best fit for your earbuds!

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