How To Optimise Your Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Battery Life In 7 Steps

How To Optimise Your Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Battery Life In 7 Steps

How To Optimise Your Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Battery Life In 7 Steps

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re an avid user of wireless bluetooth earbuds. Like many others, you have made the switch from wired to wireless, and you’re finally feeling the freedom. But with the switching of products comes teething issues, one of which being battery life – a condition to wireless bluetooth earbuds we never dealt with during our wired earbud usage.

While many wireless earbuds last several hours between charges, it’s all too easy to forget to recharge your earbuds throughout the week, leaving you with dead earbuds. So, what can we do to keep our buds alive and thriving for as long as possible between charges? Luckily, there’s quite a lot we can do! Whether you want a solution to everyday charging or you just want to make your battery life as long-lasting as possible, here’s 7 steps you can take to optimise your wireless bluetooth earbuds!

Tips To Elongate Your Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Battery Life

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Find The Right Volume

It’s common knowledge that an excessively high volume will drain your battery. This is because a higher output needs more power to perform the output requested. If you’re used to playing your music full blast it could be the cause of your draining battery. While we know playing your music on the lowest setting possible might give you some extra juice for a longer listening time, it’s definitely not the solution you want!

Instead, try playing your music at a medium volume. Even if you just lower the volume a little, you’ll save some battery life in the long run. You’ll also do your ears some good, as listening to loud music for extended periods of time can results in noise-induced hearing loss – something you definitely want to avoid developing!

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Power-Off When Not In Use

It’s painfully obvious that turning off your wireless bluetooth earbuds when you’re not using them will save some charge, but you’ll be surprised at how many people overlook the obvious. Many earbuds have a standby feature, and while this is helpful, it will still drain your battery. The best way to avoid losing any charge from your buds is to power them off completely. Check your user manual and see how to turn your earbuds off, but it will usually involve pressing and holding down a button for several seconds.

You may have to turn both earbuds off separately too, so don’t forget to turn both your earbuds off. If your earbuds are charging or sit in a charging case, it may not be possible to power-off your earbuds until they’re fully charged or there is no more charge left in the charging case.

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 Avoid Over-Charging

Over-charging won’t interfere with your battery life straight away, but over time constantly over-charging your earbuds will wear down the battery. Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your charging case if you have one, it just means you shouldn’t leave your case plugged in indefinitely. When you constantly over-charge a device, the battery will start to deteriorate and over time will run out of charge a lot faster than it used to.

So, if you tend to leave your charging case and earbuds plugged in to charge for long periods of time (like overnight), you could actually be doing more harm than good to your wireless bluetooth earbuds battery health! If you can, get earbuds that monitor the charge and let you know when the charge is full. Some earbuds have LED charging lights on the buds or charging case that let you see how much charge is currently being held.

noise cancellation can drain wireless bluetooth earbuds battery

Opt For Passive Noise Cancellation Instead

Noise cancellation can be a great perk to have when it comes to making calls and listening to music on your earbuds, but certain noise cancellation abilities come at a cost to your battery life. If your wireless bluetooth earbuds have active noise cancellation, having this feature turned on will drain the charge from your earbuds. This is because active noise cancellation needs power to work, and of course, the more power your earbuds are using, the faster your battery will run out.

An alternative to active noise cancellation is passive noise cancellation, and it doesn’t use up any of your battery life! Passive noise cancellation uses well designed earbuds, snug fitting ear tips, and the product’s materials to create a natural noise cancellation effect. So if you’re looking at noise cancellation options, opt for passive noise cancellation to save your battery life! If you’re dead set on active noise cancellation, just make sure you turn off the feature when you’re not using it.
wireless bluetooth earbuds in a charging case

Use A Charging Case

If you’re looking to purchase new earbuds and battery life is a common issue for you, finding wireless bluetooth earbuds that come with a charging case is a perfect solution. Charging cases are usually compact and small, so they shouldn’t add any bulk to your bag or pockets. Earbuds with a charging case are ideal, as they give you somewhere to store both your wireless bluetooth earbuds along with giving them an extra boost of charge.

When you place your earbuds into the charging case, the charging case will monitor how much charge is currently being stored in the earbuds, and will top them up accordingly. So every time you pop your earbuds into the charging case, your buds will be charged up and ready for your next use! Just don’t forget to charge your charging case every so often!

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Carry Your Charging Cable

The simplest tip for making your wireless bluetooth earbuds battery last long is to keep it charged. If you’re worried your earbuds won’t last you the whole day, take your charging cable with you. If you won’t be near a power outlet, take a power bank too so you can charge your case wherever you are. This way you can make sure your charging case is topped up while you’re using your earbuds, and then whenever you’re not using them, they can recharge themselves in their case.

While this tip doesn’t necessarily elongate the battery that’s already in your earbuds, it’s a simple and effective way of keeping your battery full while you’re out and about. At the end of the day, your earbuds will eventually run out of charge no matter how much you try to elongate the battery life – there’s no miracle fix for it, so be prepared for when they finally run out of charge!
CLIK S wireless bluetooth earbuds on wireless charging pad

Find Longer-Lasting Earbuds

If all these tips still don’t optimise your wireless bluetooth earbuds battery life to your liking, your best bet is to buy a better pair with a longer lasting battery. Before purchasing a new pair of wireless bluetooth earbuds, check the specs of your current earbuds so you have something to compare with – you’ll want to make sure the new earbuds you purchase have a longer playtime than your current ones, or else you’re bound to have the same battery issues.

Take all our other tips in consideration to get the most of of your new earbuds. Try looking for a pair of earbuds with passive noise cancellation, a long-lasting charge, and a charging case with LED charging lights, like the CLIK S truly wireless earbuds with live voice translation. The CLIK S offer 10 hours of single playtime and an extra 20 hours of stored charge within the case, and they can be charged via the charging cable and QI wireless charging too!

Now that you know all the tips and trick to elongate your wireless bluetooth earbuds battery life, let us know if our steps worked for you down in the comments below!

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