Language Barriers When Travelling Or Doing Business

Language Barriers When Travelling Or Doing Business

Language Barriers When Travelling Or Doing Business

When it comes to communication, the world has become smaller. Efficient international travel and technology mean we’re interreacting with people from different cultures and language backgrounds far more frequently. It’s influencing both business and personal lives with a huge range of opportunities, but it throws up challenges too.

It’s a problem we’re committed to solving at Mymanu. The Clik+ device aims to provide live voice translations in 37 languages. Letting different native speakers converse effortlessly. But why is this technology and innovation so important? Well, whether you’re travelling or doing business a language barrier can affect your experience, opportunities, and the connections you forge with other people. Removing language barriers can help you in these four ways:

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Remove Stilted Conversation

Whether you’re using a translator or you have a little understanding of a language, a stilted conversation can be frustrating. It often means that communication doesn’t flow and it can be difficult to reconcile what’s being said with other, non-verbal communication gestures. As a result, it can be confusing to gather the true meaning and tone of what’s been said, which plays a vital role in business and affects the experience of a traveller.



Receive A Confidence Boost

If you’ve been dreaming of visiting a new destination or envisioning business plans in a new region, there are many factors to consider, not least the language. Worrying about how well you’ll be able to communicate with people can be instantly off-putting and lead to you putting your plans on hold indefinitely. Experiencing a new culture can be scary but being able to converse easily with locals makes it an instantly less daunting prospect.

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Create More Authentic Connections

Relationships are critical to many areas of our lives and communication forms the core part of this. Whether you’re negotiating a tricky business deal or want to get to know the locals when you’re on holiday, it’s easier to create authentic, trusted connections when the language barrier is removed.

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Improve Understanding Of Different Cultures

Learning and coming to understand other cultures is fascinating and, if you’re planning on doing business in the area, a vital step. Being able to speak with a wide range of locals gives your far more opportunities to discover what makes the location unique. For travellers it will enrich their overall experience of the destination, for companies, it’s a business essential when expanding successfully.

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