Why Speaking Another Language Is Essential For Business Growth

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Why Speaking Another Language Is Essential For Business Growth

Language Matters For Business Growth – Here’s Why

Real business will always be done by real people, so don’t let language barriers get in the way of potential business growth. Language skills can make-or-break your company, here’s what you should think about when you’re trying to grow a business.

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Making The Right Connections

Speaking a language other than your own is essential in international business. Having contacts in your own country is important, but what about overseas? If you’re looking for business growth, working with international partners is the right thing to do. Being able to communicate and connect with other countries will open up doors for you to make new, bigger, and better business contacts. Always start small. Find connections in a country that will be worth your time and start from there. Securing just one contact from overseas and concentrating your efforts to them will help you in the long run. Even if you do not completely understand a language, attempting it will show a lot about your personality and ethics. A ‘hello’ or simple polite phrase spoken in the other person’s language will show respect, dedication, politeness and so much more. If you can show that you’ve taken the time to learn someone else’s language, you’re showing respect for the language, and for the people that speak it. image

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Understanding Culture

It’s not just language barriers that can cause problems, there are also cultural barriers too. It’s important to understand other cultures, as you’ll become more sensitive, open-minded and understanding towards them. Speaking to someone in his or her own language will allow everyone to feel more comfortable and confident and is a crucial type of relationship building for your business. If you’re able to understand a potential client’s culture, communicating with them will be much more fluid and will likely have a positive result. Learning from someone else’s culture will enable you to understand why and how that country is the way it is and will guide you to be more accepting rather than judging what makes them different. Understanding other cultures should stop you from making any etiquette blunders, too. For example, if you were to meet with a Chinese potential business partner, knowing that hugging is frowned upon would help you escape an awkward encounter!

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Expanding The Mind

It’s one thing to speak or understand a language, but if you want to go a step further and actually learn one, it might help your brain and business out in the long run! Studies have shown that the ability to speak more than one language can be beneficial to your health. The journal Neuropsychologia, indicated that being bilingual or multilingual helps to prevent the onset of brain diseases like Alzheimers. Dr. Thomas Bak suggested in the Frontiers in Psychology, that knowing another language helps aid memory, multi-tasking, concentration, and attention span. With a healthier brain, you’ll become a better worker and so in theory, you’ll have a better business.

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