Mymanu And Marriott TestBED


Mymanu And Marriott TestBED


  • Mymanu was selected from more than 150 entrants to help Marriott guests feel at home with its communication technology
  • Marriot hotels challenged Mymanu to help it improve communication with guests from other countries and overcome language barriers
  • More than 700 users interacted with Mymanu technology
  • 90% reported that Mymanu technology had improved their experience at Marriott

The Client

Mymanu recently took part in a 10-week accelerator challenge, which gave selected startups the opportunity to test their products in a live Marriott hotel environment. Mymanu was one of only three companies selected from more than 150 applicants from across the European Union. With more than 6,500 properties across 127 countries, we saw the opportunity as a way to gain invaluable insight into how our products would work in a real-life, fast-paced environment. We assessed the challenges Marriott was facing and provided an appropriate solution, showing how useful our products are in fostering customer satisfaction and improving the overall guest experience.

The Challenge Faced By Marriott Hotels

Because Marriott is a truly international company, they were searching for a way to make all guests feel welcome and able to enjoy their stay fully and feel at home, regardless of language or nationality. The challenge presented to us was to make the language barrier less of an issue for travellers and improve communication between staff and guests. The overarching aim was to improve overall guest satisfaction levels by helping Marriott harness the very latest technology to better serve its guests. Marriott was keen to explore what Mymanu could offer in this area due to our experience with live voice translation technology and our flawless audio quality. Ultimately, Marriott wanted to increase customer retention, increase the number of overseas guests returning for a second stay, increase brand loyalty and meet new clientele’s expectations in terms of the technology on offer.

The Solution

We undertook a pilot at the Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel and Conference centre. The site covers 869 rooms, including 56 meeting rooms, an auditorium for up to 2000 people and 15,5000 sq. metres of exhibition hall space. To ensure our product had the best impact and usefulness for guests, we provided the concierges and reception desk staff at the hotel with our earbuds and associated technology. We also provided technology to group meetings using the hotel’s facilities – some of whom were in the same room, while others were located in different parts of the world. In addition to these measures, we also equipped hosts with our Mymanu Clik technology. This enables guests to use dedicated touch screen equipment powered by our in-house Mymanu Translate app. Guests can select and speak in their own language, which the host can then hear – translated into their language – via the Mymanu Clik. At the same time, this translation appears on the touch screen equipment. The host then taps and holds their earbuds, speaking in their own language. The guest sees the dialogue in their own native tongue and can also choose an audio option if preferred.

The Results

After the successful trial, we harvested a wealth of data which demonstrated to Marriott just how useful our technology was to their visitors. We found that 75% of surveyed guests felt comfortable using the translation system, improving their communication with associates of different nationalities. 100% of surveyed event organisers said they would expect a significant increase in networking opportunities by using Mymanu technology. They were also able to foresee a reduction in costs for doing so. 95% of surveyed guests said they could see the benefit in a non-English speaking environment. Throughout the pilot, more than 700 unique users downloaded our app technology, with 90% of those surveyed saying that Mymanu devices and technology improved communication. 90% felt that they benefitted from an enhanced experience during their stay.

What Users Had To Say

“I found communicating with the staff much easier with Mymanu technology. Instead of coming up against the usual language barrier, I was able to quickly get across what I wanted to say and receive a reply in next to no time.” Guest quote

“As staff, the technology was really useful in improving communication with guests, and that means we can provide the best experience possible. The technology seems flawless.” Staff quote

“I would definitely say the Mymanu technology made my stay better. It’s amazing to be able to speak with colleagues from around the world in near real-time, even though many of us don’t share a common language.” Guest quote

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