Going Screen-Less: 4 Things To Do Without A Screen

4 ways to go screenless
going screen-less: 4 things to do without a screen

Going Screen-Less: 4 Things To Do Without A Screen

Are you a slave to your smartphone? Do you find yourself glued to your television all night long? Can you last a day without checking your social media? You’re not alone. Whether it’s your smartphone, your laptop, your tablet, or even your tv – the world revolves around screens. While there are many benefits to screen-led technology, spending too much time ogling at a screen can have serious consequences for your health. The good news is that it’s still possible to disconnect from screens while still being connected.

In this blog, we’ll show you how you can go screen-less, or at least minimise the amount of screen time you use! While these screen-less options will minimise your screen time, they won’t help enough for those battling screen addiction, so bear that in mind; can can find tips on breaking screen addiction here.

4 Screen-Less Activities You Can Try

 listen to an audiobook to go screen-less

Listen To An Audiobook

Reading is one of the great screen-less activities the world has to offer. Sometimes a good book can be a great way to unwind or an easy way to fill up some time when you’re traveling. However, more and more people are choosing to go paperless, instead using things like Kindles and even downloading e-books to read on their phones or tablets. While it’s true that carrying a Kindle or e-book on your phone is a lot simpler than carrying a bulky hardback, it’s not giving our eyes the break from screens they so desperately need.

To curb the problem without forcing you to revert back to lugging around heavy books or commuting in silence, you can try listening to an audiobook instead! Hearing is a crucial sense that we often overlook (literally), so giving your eyes a well deserved rest and your ears a chance to pick up the workload might even improve your senses. You can still immerse yourself into a good novel while your eyes get a nice rest – and best of all, the majority of audiobooks come with a selection of narrators to choose from, including celebrities!

dictation tools can help you go screen-less

Use Dictation Tools

Whether it’s for work or play, typing emails and text messages can be draining – and the extra blue light our eyes take in from computer and phone screens don’t help! While most people can’t go completely screen-less due to office and clerical jobs, you can try to minimise your screen time by using dictation tools to rest both your eyes and your fingers. As long as your device has a mic and a dictation tool installed, you’ll be able to speak aloud what it is you want to write, and the dictation tool will do the rest for you!

Swapping out manually typing your work emails for dictation will give your eyes a brief rest to sharpen up and refocus, something that’s advised for anyone that has a screen-based office job. The HSE advise office workers to take 5-10 minute breaks every hour from their computer screens to help prevent any physical RSIs (repetitive strain injuries) such as eye, back, neck, and wrist strain. Most RSIs in the UK are issues with fingers and wrists from excessive typing on computer keyboards and mobile devices, with 1 in 50 of all workers in the UK having reported an RSI condition.

woman on the phone

Make Phone Calls, Not Zoom Calls

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, Zoom has slowly taken over our lives. We’ve ditched the office life for remote working and in place of physical staff meetings we now have constant group zoom calls. Now, more than 46.6% of small and medium businesses in the UK have more than 50% of their staff working remotely. This has led to a rise in video calls, with Zoom, the virtual meeting platform, showing a rise of almost 2000% during the pandemic. But this increase in zoom meetings means extra screen time that our eyes could really do without. To take out the unnecessary screen usage, why not go back to making regular calls?

Instead of popping on your webcam and starring in your virtually-held meetings, request a standard phone call instead – you could even have multiple people on the line at once, after all, it’s what we did before things like video conferencing and calls were ever a thing!

man and woman at bar on a date

Ditch The Apps For IRL Dating

While it’s easier to sit on your phone swiping left and right to find your soul mate, results may vary, and your eyes might detest you for it. With so many dating apps on the market and the simplicity of swiping yes or no on a person’s profile it can be hard not to sit for hours scrolling through dating profiles until you find your dream match. But stats show that not only can you waste hours on dating apps, the facts suggest that your chances of finding true love just aren’t as high as IRL (in real life) dating. One study showed that 75% of singletons agreed they would rather meet their match in real life than on a dating service.

It’s time to put down the smartphone, erase Tinder, and get out in the real word for some mingling! Going screen-less and taking time away from your phone will not only help your eyes, but it’s also been proven that spending time physically socialising helps to keep our brains sharp, aiding our quick-thinking and problem solving abilities, so you may find this time away from your phone could land you a new partner AND better brain function! Extensive studies such as the one published in Alzheimer’s & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association have linked a healthy cognitive lifestyle (such as attending parties, joining clubs, physical interactions with friends, and even going on dates) to a lower risk of dementia.

Over the years there has been a rise in cases of screen dependency and addiction, which can lead to physical and mental health complications, so scheduling time away from your screens can really make a difference! A big game-changer that’s making its way into the tech scene is screen-less tech, and it could be the answer to all our problems! New gadgets that use other ways of functioning such as voice and sound control are on the rise, and could overshadow the need to use screens –changing the tech industry completely! Would you consider ditching your screens for a screen-less alternative? 


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