World’s first screenless phone announced at IFA

titan screenless phone

Berlin – 2 September 2022 – The future of mobile phone starts here. At IFA in Berlin, Mymanu is announcing the exclusive opportunity to secure before anybody else “Titan”: the world’s first screenless phone. It is offering a 51 percent discount to all VIP members. Interested parties can register NOW to pre-order it.

Danny Manu, technical autodidact and founder of Mymanu, sets new standards for communication with screenless phone Titan;

  • Equipped with the e-SIM technology, users can receive, send calls or texts, listen to notifications and music streams from Spotify, Tidal or Apple music all in HD
  • Say goodbye to high data roaming charges whilst traveling by accessing cheap local data packages
  • Stay connected with friends and family without constantly being in front of a screen – a huge benefit to the user’s health
  • highly-performing voice-control technology enables millions including people with health issues, visually-impaired people and others to carry out a multitude of activities hands-free
  • Waterproof and noise-cancelling capability combined with industry leading battery life make Titan the ideal companion to go running, cycling or commuting in all weather conditions
  • Mymanu’s own proprietary MyJuno app, which can be downloaded on the Titan device, enable users to speak and text in 37 languages hence breaking down language barriers.

Danny Manu says: “Screenless phone Titan will be a real breakthrough to the mobile industry. Titan will change the way we communicate and connect today. We are developing more inclusive technologies to benefit a wider audience and reduce our reliance on some technical aspects like screens that can be detrimental to our health. This is an important step in making technology more inclusive and a great benefit to the users.”

You can sign up here to become a VIP guest and pre-order your screenless phone Titan before anybody else.

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