Soak Up The Culture At These Top Summer Tourist Destinations

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Soak Up The Culture At These Top Summer Tourist Destinations

Soak Up The Culture At These Top Summer Tourist Destinations

Try something different this summer, ditch the typical beach holiday and explore some of the world’s most cultural tourist destinations! Everyone loves a good holiday, but sometimes there’s just no beating a bit of cultural tourism. Here are our top five cities around the world, and what you have to do in each one!

russia tourist destination

Church Of The Savior On Spilled Blood, Saint Petersburg

There’s so much to explore in this great city, but if you had to pick just one place to see in this top tourist destination, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood tops our list. Although the name does not sound too appealing, the church is actually a beautiful piece of architecture. The famous onion-shaped domes are what catch the eye of any passers-by. This attraction doesn’t just make for good photos, the Church also has a fascinating history. The church was built to commemorate Alexander II, who was responsible for ending Russian slavery by emancipating all serfs back in 1861. Unfortunately, the radical change wasn’t appreciated by everyone and led to one attempted assassination and another successful one on the Tzar.

The spot where Alexander II died is now where the Church stands, and the shrine is said to have cost around 4.6 million rubles. The Church also has one of the largest mosaic collections in the world, with 23130 square feet of breath-taking mosaics held inside, so the interior is just as stunning as the exterior. There’s multiple buses and a metro to get you there easily, so transport is not an issue. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood has got to be one of the top sights to see in Russia, so if you’re visiting St. Petersburg this summer you have to see this building!


Széchenyi Baths, Budapest

Although Budapest has some great history with the Hungarian revolution and its links with the Second World War, nothing tops its thermal baths as a tourist attraction. The Széchenyi baths are one of the many thermal spa baths in Budapest, offering tourists and locals a chance to bathe in the hot mineral waters. Out of all of the thermal baths in Budapest, Széchenyi is the most popular of them all. Széchenyi baths are coed and have a total of 15 indoor and 3 outdoor pools for you to enjoy. Located on the Pest side of the city, you can get to the baths via the metro from Deak square in 15 minutes.

Not only are the baths great for relaxing and alleviating stress, but they are also picturesque and offer beautiful art. Széchenyi is based in a Neo-Baroque palace and has wonderful mosaics, beautiful statues, and marble columns in the indoor pools. If you really want to relax, you can get a massage while you visit. For a more in-depth look into this top tourist destination, check out the vlog above!

Sensoji temple tourist destination

Sensoji Temple, Tokyo

Tokyo’s Sensoji temple is another astounding landmark you must see if you’re visiting Tokyo. The oldest temple in Tokyo, Sensoji is located in the Asakusa area of the city. This colourful Buddhist temple is very popular with tourists for good reason. The temples estimated founding is around 628 AD, when two brothers were said to have fished a statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, out of the Sumida River. The tale goes that even though they put the statue back into the river, it always returned to them, and so Sensoji was built nearby as a temple for Kannon. Sensoji holds Tokyo’s biggest market just outside one of its gates, Nakamise.

To get to the temple, take the Ginza Line Asakusa Station and then it’s just a brief walk to the temple! The centuries-old market offers typical souvenirs such as folding fans and Yukatas, as well as traditional Japanese snacks. The temple also hosts the Asakusa Samba Carnival in August, a day-long carnival which sees 18 teams compete for the title with samba floats, dancers and drummers. If you’re looking for a tourist destination with a great attraction, this is it.

National History Museum, Vienna

Vienna’s Natural history museum is one of the most renowned and important history museums out there, and a must-see tourist destination if you’re ever in Austria. Open every day except for Tuesdays, it’s the perfect place to go one your own, with a partner, or with the whole family. When visiting this museum, not only should you check out all the exhibits, but you should also check out the architecture; look up and around the building. There are many sweeping staircases, stone carvings, picturesque ceilings, and other breath-taking art dotted all around the museum.

The museum is in the centre of Vienna, and sits next to many tram stops and the subway, so it’s easily accessible from wherever you are in Vienna. As the museum is so big, it’s wise to free up some time so you can really explore and take in all it has to offer. If you’re a fan of science, or enjoy looking at fascinating historical objects, this museum is a go-to for you!

the bund tourist destination

The Bund, Shanghai

The Bund is a mile-long stretch of waterfront, said to be the ‘museum of buildings’. This beautiful promenade of Chinese architecture is at the centre of Shanghai, by the Huangpu River, and is one of the most photographed tourist destinations in the world. Some of the buildings were built over 150 years ago by westerners, others are much more recent. The mix of historical and modern architecture is the symbol of Shanghai, and although built in various time periods, all the buildings match perfectly and are strangely compatible.

Buildings such as the Bank of China, Shanghai Chamber, and Heping Hotel are just some of the many architectures on the Bund which help to give it the name, ‘the Wall Street of the Far East’. If you’re visiting the Bund, you can take a cruise on the Huangpu River, shop until your heart’s content, or snap some unforgettable shots of the street. You can easily make it to the Bund if you take a train to the station of East Nanjing Road, from there it’s just a 10-minute walk!

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