The Best Gadgets Of MWC 2021


The Best Gadgets Of MWC 2021

MWC (Mobile World Congress) is one of the biggest tech trade shows globally, and it’s finally begun! Many new and innovative handsets are usually announced at MWC, and this year will be no different. Although COVID 19 has caused some issues, MWC 2021 has gone ahead (although smaller than usual) and will last from 28 June to 1 July. MWC will be held as a small physical event as well as a virtual event that many can view online – so COVID 19 hasn’t made too much of an impact on MWC 2021! So, what will be announced at this year’s MWC event?

Here Are Some Of The Announcements From MWC 2021:

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Lenovo Announced A New Smart Clock And Five Tablets

Lenovo has been busy with all their latest announcements. Currently, Lenovo has announced five new tablets: the Lenovo Yoga Tab 13, Yoga Tab 11, Tab M7, Tab M8, and Tab P11 Plus. But that’s not all. They’ve also announced the second generation of their Smart Clock, which will be released in September with a starting price of about £70 ($90 / €80 /AU$130). The Smart Clock 2 will have an improved speaker design, a new shape, and a new charging dock accessory. The design is slightly taller than that of its predecessor and has two front-firing 3w speakers and stereo audio. The downside to this successor is that the USB-A port has been removed, and it doesn’t come with a charging dock – so if you want to charge your other devices, you will have to spend extra to buy a charging dock or matt.

TCL Have NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses Ready For Sale Later This Year

If you’re a fan of smart wearable devices, you might want to listen up. TCL has announced the release of the NXTWEAR G smart glasses. These glasses are equipped with full HD-resolution Sony Micro OLED panels offering its wearers a 4K image. You’ll have to plug the glasses into your phone, tablet, or computer, as they aren’t battery-powered. While the thought of plugging in your glasses might dampen the innovative feel, it does mean that the glasses are lighter – 130g total! The NXTWEAR G smart glasses work as an equivalent of a 140-inch display! While these glasses are made for viewing pleasure, they don’t sit flush on the face. Instead, they leave a small gap so you can still use your peripheral vision. This year, the glasses will be on sale later this year for around £510 ($715 / €599 / AU$945), hitting the market first in Australia, South Korea, and then Japan.

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Infinix’s Concept Phone That Can Charge Up In 10 Minutes

Infinix has announced their new concept phone at MWC 2021, which boasts the fastest charging capabilities on the market. The concept phone is capable of 160W wired charging and 50W wireless charging. The super-fast charging is due to what Infinix calls their Innovative Super Charge Pump. This ‘pump’ enables the smartphone to reach 98.9% charging conversion efficiency. The extraordinary charging capabilities are also less likely to overheat or overload the smartphone either. Using 20 temperature sensors and control algorithms, Infinix’s concept phone will monitor the phone’s temperature while charging and can even adjust the charging power. As the announcement is of a concept phone, there isn’t a set release date. In fact, it’s quite normal for businesses never to turn their concept products into physical sellable items.

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