Travel Friendly Holidays In Portugal: Low Tourist Areas

Travel Friendly Holidays In Portugal: Low Tourist Areas

Travel Friendly Holidays In Portugal: Low Tourist Areas

Now that the UK has finally gotten the green light to travel again, we’re all overly eager to buy that plane ticket out of here. Thankfully, the well-loved summer destination we know as Portugal is on the green list means Brits can go for a Portugal holiday without quarantine! Although we all can’t wait to jet off and enjoy our summer of freedom, we still have to be mindful of the coronavirus and the current pandemic. To lessen your COVID worrying, it’s best to find a travel friendly destination with a low tourist level. Luckily, we know the perfect spots!

travel friendly Portugal holiday - Costa Nova do Prado

Costa Nova

If you’re looking for a low-key beach holiday in Portugal, look no further than Costa Nova. This travel friendly destination is in the south of Aveiro. It’s a haven for all surfers and beach-lovers alike. Costa Nova is only 3km away from similar beach destination Barra; however, it’s the less commercial destination of the two and so should have fewer tourists. Costa Nova has beautifully coloured holiday houses called Palheiros placed right along the beachfront, perfect for holiday renting! You can find some beautiful Palheiros to rent on AirBnB. The location is set between the Atlantic Ocean and Aveiro Lagoon to get the fresh sea waves and the tranquillity of a lagoon.

Berlengas Islands is a safe to travel destination


Perfect for adventurers, Peniche is an excellent choice for those who want to do some alone exploring. This seaside municipality is home to the Berlengas Islands, hidden caves, and even an old fort. You can spend most of your time exploring the hidden caves and sailing around the Islands by canoe. It’s an exciting and romantic place if you have a partner you can explore with. The most known attraction is the stunning old fort of Sao Joao Baptista, which you can visit by taking a quick ferry ride out from Peniche. The city is also home to thriving seagull colonies, nature reserves and offers its own small beach. As you’ll be partaking in a lot of solo exploration, this makes the Berlengas Islands an ideal low tourist location during the pandemic! You can book your boat trip to the Islands here.

Coimbra is a travel friendly Portugal holiday destination


Many people overlook Coimbra in favour of Lisbon or Porto, but it was once the medieval capital of Portugal. There are still so many things to do and see within Coimbra; it makes a great all-round low tourist destination! You can visit both the Old and New Cathedrals or the Santa Cruz Church if you’re looking for some beautiful spiritual architecture. If you’re into museums and history, you can browse the artefacts in the Machado do Castro National Museum. This Portugal holiday location also has botanical gardens and the Portugal dos Pequenitos theme park. When we said it was an all-rounder, we meant it! If you’re looking for a travel friendly summer holiday destination that can cater for any family member, Coimbra is a top choice.

Sintra is a hidden Portugal holiday gem


Although Sintra is close to Lisbon, it’s not a huge tourist hotspot, making it a perfect low tourist option. This charming Portuguese town has its very own real-life fairytale palace. The UNESCO heritage site Quinta da Regaleira is a magical and stunning attraction that’s sure to wow you. The beautiful mixture of architecture and natural greenery makes for fabulous pictures, too! If you fancy a trip to the beach, a short drive can lead you to Praia da Adraga which is considered one of the most scenic beaches in Portugal. Due to its closeness to Lisbon, the tourists tend to stay away from this stunning location, meaning you can have a bit more freedom on your holiday!

Flores Island is safe to travel

Flores Island

Flores Island is located in the northernmost part of the Azores archipelago, which means it’s a definite low-level tourist destination. The Island’s population is only 3907, so you don’t have to worry too much about whether it’s overpopulated with locals. The Flores Island is an ideal travel friendly location for hikers and nature lovers, as it’s basically a large island full of greenery! Full of breath-taking caves, waterfalls, and lakes, you’ll find many natural wonders on your adventures. As the Island is of a smaller size, you can easily explore the entire Island on your holiday. If you do decide to visit Flore Island, be sure to try the Island-made guava jam! Here are some hiking trails you can try out.

Now that you know the best travel friendly spots in Portugal, you’ll want to prepare yourself for your adventures! These places are low tourist destinations, so be mindful that not everyone will speak English. There are a few simple words and phrases that should get you by just fine. To say ‘can you help me’ in Portuguese, it’s ‘Pode ajudar-me?’ If you want to ask someone if they speak English, say ‘Fala inglês?’ And of course, you should never forget your manners! To say please and thank you, it’s ‘Por Favor’ for please, and ‘Obrigada/Obrigado’ for thank you.

You can keep these phrases handy at all times by downloading the MyJuno translation app – it stores everyday phrases and can even say them for you if you’re scared of mispronouncing anything. If you’re worried about language barriers and your lack of Portuguese skills, we’ve got you covered! The Mymanu CLIK S translation earbuds instantly translate over 30 languages (including Portuguese), so you’ll have a fluent translator in your ears at all times.

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