Spice Up Your travel List With These Cool Tech Travel Gadgets!

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Spice Up Your travel List With These Cool Tech Travel Gadgets!

There’s no denying that the world has changed dramatically; the rise of the internet, the release of the smartphone, even the social media boom. We have started to become constantly dependent on technology for the simplest of reasons, traveling is one of them. Now, we wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without our phones, let alone our countries. When traveling, there are certain gadgets that must have a place in our suitcases and travel list. So, what gadgets are on our travel list, you ask? Let’s take a look!



Whether you’re an Android lover or a devoted Apple fan, the most obvious gadget anyone needs when traveling is a smartphone. A smartphone provides so much more than texting and calling contacts. With a smartphone you can now browse the web for nearby attractions, FaceTime your mom to show off your hotel room, or just ease the boredom of your plane ride with a game of Candy Crush. It’s all possible due to a plethora of apps available on any smartphone device. The uses of smartphones are endless, and is why it is a must-have item on our travel list!

Phone Travel Lens

While smartphone cameras can take a decent shot or two, nothing beats the clarity of a proper camera. These generally have a higher pixel count, give better clarity and stabilization in video than the typical smartphone camera. But do you really want to spend $300 and upwards for a professional camera? Travel lenses such as the Spivo, are a perfect way to turn most phones into a camera with minimal bulk. Just attach the lens to your phone and start capturing memories with greater clarity. Instead of carrying a phone, camera and other expensive items around with you, cut down the clutter with a travel lens. It just makes sense!

translation earbuds

Translation Earbuds

Though having apps like Google Translate or carrying translation dictionaries can be useful, they’re not the most efficient way of communicating. These new additions to the travel gadget market are definitely worth adding to your travel list if you are a dedicated traveler. Earbuds such as the Mymanu CLIK let you communicate seamlessly across multiple languages, so you can efficiently communicate with others without having to learn a whole different language. With amazing inventions like wireless translation earbuds, feel free to give into wanderlust without fearing those language barriers.

Bluetooth Tracker

Imagine traveling without the anxiety and fear of losing your personal items. With a bluetooth tracker, you can keep track of items and make sure you haven’t left anything at the hotel after checking out. As far as gadgets go in our travel list, this one is a great for any clumsy traveler. With companies creating bluetooth trackers like the Tile Mate, traveling has become a lot easier. These trackers are designed to easily attach to bags, keys and other items to stop you losing them. The tracker will work with a smartphone, with many having their own apps you can open to track the exact location of your tracked items.


Earphones And Headphones

This travel gadget is a no-brainer. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a plane without anything to occupy your boredom. Whether it’s Beats headphones or wireless Airpods, earphones and headphones are a great way to zone out. You can pass time by listening to your favorite songs or watching that movie you downloaded, or if you want to wind down on a busy flight you could pop on some ASMR and listen through earphones. If you’re worried about rowdy groups or unsettled kids on your transport, not to worry; you can get noise cancelling ear phones – there are earphones for all occasions.

Solar Charger

It would be silly having all these cool travel gadgets and not having any means to charge them, wouldn’t it? Solar chargers are a brilliant way of charging gadgets if you’re out of reach of plug sockets or on the go. Brands such as Anker and Syncwire offer different kinds of solar chargers; small and portable to big and foldable. These chargers are a convenient alternative to carrying bags full of travel adapters and will definitely save some room in your suitcase. The only downfall with this travel gadget is that it will only work with light, so if you’re one for charging all your gadgets while you sleep then this might not be the best charger for you.

Wherever you decide to go this year, take the advice of our travel list and take some of these gadgets with you!

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