Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Tech-Loving Partner!


Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Tech-Loving Partner!

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Tech-Loving Partner!

Whether you’re fresh into a new relationship or you’ve been with your partner for years, it’s hard work finding that perfect Valentine’s Day gift! Don’t feel too bad if you’re struggling for gift ideas this year, it happens to the best of us. You can’t be perfect all the time, that’s why we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of the best Valentine’s Day tech gifts for both him & her to get your creative juices flowing. From personal items to smart home devices, whatever stage your relationship is at, you can’t go wrong with some tech-loving treats!

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Smart Travel Mug

If your partner is always on the go, a smart travel mug would be a great gift to show you care. Perfect for those who constantly forget about their hot beverages or those who are too busy to drink them, with a smart travel mug you can set the heat of your drink. We suggest the Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug, as you can set a temperature for your drink to stay at via an app on your phone! For those who have long car journeys, you can buy smart travel mugs that plug into your car too, so your coffee will stay toasty warm while you drive to work. If you want bonus points, we suggest filling the smart travel mug up with your partner’s favourite hot drink before you give it to them!

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Wireless Charger

A charger is such a simple but effective gift to give your other half this Valentine’s! Everyone needs a charger, so why not get a luxury wireless charger? These chargers are perfect for leaving on your nightstand and depending on which brand you go for, you can find some sleek and stylish designs! Wireless chargers can come in all shapes and sizes, from wireless pads to wireless stands. We suggest buying the Mymanu wireless charging pad, as it’s lightweight, small, and easy on the eye – you can also choose from four colours: pink, grey, gold, or silver! If your partner doesn’t have a QI-enabled device, there’s also 3-in-1 charging cables that let you change the tip of the charger to fit other device types, perfect if you don’t fancy packing your charger or want to reduce cables in your house.

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Smart Plug

Smart plugs are cool little gadgets for any tech-lover out there, especially those who want a smart home. Connect the plugs to your phone or smart home assistant (Like Alexa or Google) and you’ll be able to turn your appliances on and off without even getting out of your seat. You can set times for your appliances to turn on and off, and you can also set your appliances to switch on whenever you are close to the vicinity; for example, you can set your kettle to boil every time you come through the door! If you’re a bit forgetful when it comes to turning off your appliances, you can check if you’ve switched off your appliances on your phone, so you don’t have to worry if you’ve turned the straighteners off or not. We recommend the Wemo mini smart plug as it can even monitor your energy use!

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Digital Photo Frame

A beautifully framed photo is always a good choice, but sometimes picking just one photo seems near impossible. With the help of a digital photo frame, you don’t have to choose! Pop all your favourite pictures onto a memory card and insert it into the photo frame. You’ll then be able to watch slideshows of all your favourite pictures. If you have a favourite picture, you can set this to show like a regular photo in a photo frame. The positive side of having a digital photo frame is that you don’t have to print pictures each time you want to change the image! Prices for digital photo frames can differ, so shop around for one that suits your budget. If you’re not planning on spending too much on Valentine’s Day gifts, we suggest the Bush digital photo frame or the high-resolution version, as both are under £60

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Keyring Tracker

If your partner is super forgetful or you’re just sick of hunting for car keys, a keyring tracker is an easy solution. Most keyring trackers can be easily attached to bags, suitcases, and keys, so you can keep track of where they go. Keyring trackers use Bluetooth, not GPS, so they only have a certain amount of range before they lose connection, so these trackers are more for those who just misplace their belongings around them. The trackers are connected to your phone and can be checked using an app, so if the location of your keys does slip your mind, you can simply open up the app and see exactly where they are. Brand Tile has a great set of trackers at reasonable prices, but we recommend the Tile Pro as it has the longest range.

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Truly Wireless Earbuds

Wireless and truly wireless earbuds have risen a great deal over the past year and it seems like everyone wants a pair. Instead of buying the latest Airpods or Beats, why not give your other half something a bit different? Find a pair of truly wireless earbuds that fit securely in the ear and are water-resistant, that way your loved one can listen to music without the wires while jogging or working out. We suggest the Mymanu CLIK S earbuds as they can do so much more than just play music. Taking calls, playing music, and translating languages are just some of the Mymanu CLIK S’ features.  For the travelling and outdoorsy type, the Mymanu CLIK S earbuds are the perfect Valentine’s Day present!

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